Barron's AP Comparative Government & Politics by Jeff Davis

Barron's AP Comparative Government & Politics

Book Title: Barron's AP Comparative Government & Politics

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 1438006152

Author: Jeff Davis

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Jeff Davis with Barron's AP Comparative Government & Politics

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Here's everything you need to review, simplify, and understand the most important concepts in AP Comparative Government and Politics. This must-have guide focuses on an in-depth study of the governments of six nations: Britain, Russia, China, Mexico, Iran, and Nigeria. Topics of study, test practice, and review information include:
  • Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • Sovereignty, Authority, and Power
  • Political Institutions
  • Citizens, Society, and the State
  • Political and Economic Change
  • Public Policy
  • One diagnostic test
  • Two practice tests
  • All questions thoroughly answered and explained

The first six chapters address general concepts with illustrations about specific countries. The final six chapters address each of the six countries individually and are organized by the six topics of study as headings within each chapter, making it easier for test takers to find the information they need to prepare and succeed on this Advanced Placement test.